Our charity provides hardship grants to help people through times of financial trouble. So if you work or have worked in the education sector and need a little extra help, just ask. We're proud to approve 9 out of 10 grant applications.

You can download our application form and further information every Monday. During other times you can complete our contact form and we will email the application pack to you on the following Monday

We help a wide range of professions in the education sector

Who we help

Our grants are NOT loans

Our grants can be used to help with anything from debt relief through to transport problems. If you work in the education sector for the under-19s then you're likely to be eligible for a grant. You don't have to pay us back and it costs you nothing to apply.

"I had to give up my position as a teaching assistant. TST helped to get me the support I needed to get me back on track"

Karen - Former Teaching Assistant

"I racked up so much debt looking after myself and my daughter, TST gave me the lift I needed to move closer to my family"

Denise - Retired Teacher

When a Housing Association found me a home near work, TST helped me to pay my first month’s rent and gave me money for carpets and furniture.

Angie - Teaching support

We're here to help

Our grants can help in all sorts of situations - and we say 'yes' to 9 out of 10 grant applications. 

  • Debt relief or financial support
  • Essential household repairs
  • Maintaining people in their homes
  • Helping people to take or keep jobs
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