We provide financial support when something’s happened that you couldn’t have expected.  If this is you and you’ve worked within the education sector for at least five years, we may well be able to help.


You can download our application form and further information every Monday. During other times you can complete our contact form and we will email the application pack to you on the following Monday


We help a wide range of professions in the education sector

Who we help

Our payments can be used to help you with your bills, household costs, travel or other essentials that you’ve incurred as a result of something happening that you couldn’t have expected.  They are not loans, you don’t have to pay us back and it costs you nothing to apply to us.

"When I was ill, I had to give up my position as a teaching assistant. TST supported me so I could get back on track"

Karen - Former Teaching Assistant

"I spent so much looking after myself and my daughter I ran out of money for the essentials. TST gave me the chance to move closer to family"

Denise - Retired Teacher

"When a Housing Association found me a home near work, TST helped me to pay my first month’s rent and gave me money for carpets and furniture."

Angie - Teaching support

We're here to help

Our payments can help to relieve the financial impact in very difficult times:

Debt relief or financial support
  • When someone close to you dies
  • When you’re ill or been injured
  • If your relationship breaks down
  • When you suddenly have to move
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