Apply to Teaching Staff Trust

We provide financial support when something’s happened that you couldn’t have expected. If this is you and you’ve worked within the education sector for at least five years, we may well be able to help.


Use the links at the bottom of this page to complete your application online or to download an application form. If you’re unable to pick either of these options, please contact us and we’ll send a hard copy through the post.


It’s important that you tell us what has happened to you and why you need financial support. If you apply online, you’ll need to register and create an account. Save your password. We’ll send you an email confirming your registration (check your spam or junk boxes if it doesn’t arrive) and then you can log in. Please complete every screen carefully because once you submit the application you can’t change or edit it. If you download the application, please read the guidance carefully and use the boxes to tell us how you think we can help.


You will need to provide your most recent payslip or benefits notification. We also ask for medical evidence if you’re applying because you’re ill or have disabilities and for bills, invoices and quotations if you’re applying for help with paying for any of these.

If you apply online, you can upload these documents and we will then invite you to use our trusted partner, Lightning, to quickly and securely connect your household bank accounts and to verify your identity. Connecting your accounts replaces the need for you to upload bank statements with a safer and easier digital process. It may also help us to review your situation more quickly and give you a decision sooner. If you don’t have online banking, instead of connecting them, you can supply your most recent monthly statement for all accounts in your household.

You can also choose to download an application and email or post this to us. If you do so, please include the relevant documents with it. We cannot assess your application until you provide your documents.


If you apply online and submit your application you’ll receive an email from us acknowledging receipt If you download and send us your application, we’ll acknowledge it within five working days.


We will process your application. This means checking that you are eligible, looking at both your circumstances and your financial situation and then considering whether we can support you in the way you’ve asked. We may need to ask you for further information – if we do, please respond as quickly as possible a so that we can make a decision for you.


Once we have everything we will usually be able to let you know our decision within three to four weeks.


We will usually arrange for our payment to go directly to a supplier or service provider. We do make payments direct to applicants when it’s appropriate and we ask you to provide receipts for the goods or services supplied.


Our financial support is there to relieve the impact of something you couldn’t have expected to happen and it is a one off payment. We strongly discourage repeat applications unless there has been a serious change or deterioration in circumstances.

Download application form

Download the appropriate document below to help with your application.