About TST

Teaching Staff Trust provides financial support to people working (or who have retired from working) in education of under-19s for five years or more. We aim to make a real difference when the unexpected happens by reducing the financial impact of bereavement, serious ill health or injury, relationship breakdown, loss of home or loss of income.

Our History

TST took over from SGBI, a charity with a heritage of over 170 years of work assisting educators in financial hardship, in 2017. In 2018 we merged with SOSS, the Society of Schoolmasters and Schoolmistresses (founded in 1797), with whom we’d worked closely for many years.

How we work

TST is a small charity managed by two people remotely. Our board of trustees oversee Teaching Staff Trust and sets the policies for the support that we work to. To apply to us please click the ‘APPLY FOR HELP’ button in the top right of this page. Once you start your application you are getting closer to our support

“When I was ill, I had to give up my position as a teaching assistant. TST supported me so I could get back on track”

Karen – Former Teaching Assistant

“I spent so much looking after myself and my daughter I ran out of money for the essentials. TST gave me the chance to move closer to family”

Denise – Retired Teacher

“When a Housing Association found me a home near work, TST helped me to pay my first month’s rent and gave me money for carpets and furniture.”

Angie – Teaching support