How We’ve Helped

Here at TST we understand sometimes it isn’t easy to ask for a helping hand, so we treat every application individually and with respect and complete discretion. Down below you’ll see some people who we have helped. We’ve changed their names to preserve their privacy but all the circumstances are true.

Karen’s Story

Karen was unemployed when she contacted us. She had worked as a Teaching Assistant but had to give up her job due to depression and coping with the loss of her son.

“When I was ill, I had to give up my position as a teaching assistant. TST supported me so I could get back on track.”

“I spent so much looking after myself and my daughter I ran out of money for the essentials. TST gave me the chance to move closer to family.”

Denise’s Story

Denise is a retired teacher, she came to us at the age of 74, when she was being evicted from her flat. She was the sole carer for her disabled daughter, and had no family living nearby.

Angie’s Story

Angie works in a school for people with special educational needs. Due to a family crisis she had to leave her home and ended up living more than 50 miles way from her work, in a place without hot water.

“When a Housing Association found me a home near work, TST helped me to pay my first month’s rent and gave me money for carpets and furniture.”

“I felt as though my world was falling apart with the serious nature of the jobs that needed doing – a truly heartfelt thanks for all your help.”

Jon’s Story

Jon had a serious car accident and couldn’t work. He needed some adaptations at home to maintain his independence and we said ‘yes’ when he asked for our help.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah was overwhelmed by a combination of different financial pressures when she had to pay for her husband’s funeral so we were happy to meet some of the cost.

“Thank you so much for your help. Reading this email after a long hard day has brought tears to my eyes as this has been a stress on my mind.”

“I am more grateful than I can say that you have paid towards the costs of my travel. It has lifted such a worry off my shoulders.”

June’s Story

June needed support for increased travel costs to help her to retain her mobility after an illness.

Graeme’s Story

Graeme found himself suddenly having to care for his small grandchildren and needed our support to cover increased heating bills. We supported him with this and some other essential bills.

“It’s a great comfort to know that my heating is secured for the next few months. The weather has been very rough and it’s good to know that the heating can be turned on.”

“TST helped when I really needed it, I’ll be forever grateful for their support.”

Wendy’s story

Wendy was unemployed when she got in touch with us. Due to covid she lost her job and struggled with household bills.