The Teaching Staff Trust (TST) has evolved over the years since 1797 through a series of trust funds merging into the organisation it is today.

We provide financial support to anyone who has been employed for five years or more in the education of children under 19 in the UK and is facing an unexpected financial problem.

People come to us who work in nurseries, state schools, academy groups, feepaying schools, as well as all the agencies providing supply and temporary placements. We help the teachers and teacher assistants in the classrooms or day care rooms, as well as all those who cook, clean, maintain and supervise within educational walls.

The problems we help people cope with range from bereavement, relationship breakdowns, the onset of ill health, homelessness or a change in their home circumstances, and for the many other reasons that cause a sudden loss of income.

It is very well documented that financial problems causes stress, anxiety and are very detrimental to mental health and wellbeing.

We are helping to prevent situations becoming worse and more expensive to fix financially, but more importantly we are preventing people having to pay a high personal price for situations out of their control.

Plugged into a Larger Eco-System

TST does not work in isolation and over the years we have built up a network of partners who rely on our services.  Many services refer their clients to us who are in immediate need including:

  • Women’s refuges
  • Other occupational benevolent funds
  • Voluntary and statutory advice agencies
  • Union welfare teams

What do we offer our funding partners?

You would benefit from:

  • An established and trusted name and reputation in the field of helping turn around financial solutions at speed for people working within education (usually within a week).
  • Being in partnership with one of only two grant givers assisting teaching and ancillary staff in primary and secondary education – and the only grant giver assisting people in early years education.
  • An established network of referrers throughout the education space.
  • An experienced grant giving team of experts, systems and processes.
  • 100% of your contribution spent on grant giving – as all the operational costs are already paid for.

Direct Impact Broken Down for the Last Two Years

The Four Most Significant Trends

1) Loss of Income

There has been an increase in the loss of employment and reduction in working hours amongst the lower paid and supply education staff whilst heads of schools battle with impossible budgets and increased costs in schools – the knock-on effect on the lower paid is extraordinary.

2) Bereavement

Despite, people opting for more simple and less expensive funerals for their loved ones, this area has increased because more people have applied for support – the increases in costs of living now preclude them from meeting funeral costs

3) Relationship Breakdown

The consequences of relationship breakdowns have intensified as people struggle to maintain their relationships amidst the daunting financial difficulties, and budgeting problems caused by the current cost of living crisis.

4) Loss of Home

A large number of individuals are losing their homes due to exorbitant rent increases by landlords, forcing them to search for more affordable options and ending up in substandard properties. Social landlords who were previously unable to act during the pandemic are now swiftly addressing rent arrears and imposing substantial demands on tenants.

Increase Demand = Increase Grant Giving

We have managed to increase our grant giving to keep up with demand through drilling down into our own capital and through securing additional funding from partners.

Our funding partners know we are helping people at crisis point, we get the money where it is most needed at speed so that things do not get worse.  As we know from experience, our grantees are at a point where things can spiral down very quickly if they are not helped.

If you would like to help teachers and other educators cope through the cost-of-living crisis and want to collaborate with an existing fund, please contact Judith Smith at

Quotes from Current Partners

“I recommended TST as they support a diverse range of people, including many of the segments we were aiming to support through the NPC open philanthropy pop-up fund – and run a highly effective process which creates a fantastic experience for their applicants.

The feedback TST has received showcases the impact they’ve made in the education sector crisis, demonstrating how they’ve exceeded our expectations as a small charity.

Joan, a former teacher who received a grant, praised the process, stating, “It’s the best I’ve ever had to deal with. I completed it in less than 10 minutes and received a call within a few days. It reduced so much stress.” Another beneficiary, Jennifer, shared, “Within 2-3 days, everything was done, and I received my payment. It was a miracle! We’re used to things taking much longer.”

Ren Hooi, Chief Executive, Lightning Social Ventures

“The CSIS Charity Fund provides grants to charities to relieve hardship amongst civil and public service workers. When we learnt about the work done by TST it was a “no brainer” to offer support.”

Ray Flanigan, Trustee and Grants Chairman, the Civil Service Insurance Society Charity Fund