About TST

TST provides financial help to people working or have retired from working in education for under-19s. We aim to give grants that make a real difference to people - by lifting them out of debt, helping them stay in their home or by helping them to get or keep a job.

Our History

TST is a new organisation but we are taking over from SGBI, a charity with a heritage of over 170 years work assisting educators in financial hardship.

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Our goal for 2017

We are based in North West Kent and have a small office where three of us work. As TST can use our resources more widely, helping both men and women who work and have worked in the education of pupils under 19. We keep our overheads low so that as much as possible of our income goes to deserving applicants.


"I had to give up my position as a teaching assistant. TST helped to get me the support I needed to get me back on track"

Karen - Former Teaching Assistant

"I racked up so much debt looking after myself and my daughter, TST gave me the lift I needed to move closer to my family"

Denise - Retired Teacher

When a Housing Association found me a home near work, TST helped me to pay my first month’s rent and gave me money for carpets and furniture.

Angie - Teaching support